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Regular expressions are cryptic and hard to understand and build one from scratch.
But don’t panic with those cryptic symbols, the dev community can help.
Here i am writing 3 password regular expressions to use it at your next JavaScript front end app or your next NodeJS back end application.

SQLite database is a tiny giant in the SQL area with a fully-featured SQL database engine and billions of deployments.

5 Reasons to Use SQLite for your Next Project
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1. Server-less and Cross-Platform

SQLite database is implemented on a single file with no additional server process or the need for complicated RDBMS to install. All the reads and writes operations are taking place directly on a single file.

Since the database is a self-contained file you can move or copy your database on…

In this lesson, we are going to learn about how to interact with our nodejs app to an SQLite database.

SQLite is a powerful database that lives in a single file or in memory and gives us all the basic operations (queries, views, triggers, indexes, etc) that have big enterprise databases such as MySQL, Postgress, etc…

In nodejs, we have a sqlite3 module that gives us all the features we…

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Objects in JavaScript are reference values and can store complex key-value properties.

let story = {
title: 'Proper Ways to Copy(Clone) an Object in JavaScript',

Copying an object can be a little tricky. …

Install a GitHub alternative for your team super easy and painless.

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Dev teams often have to work in closed secure network areas with no access to the internet and consequentially giant git services like GitHub, GitLab, and more aren’t available. …

Automate your tasks with Cron Jobs from Node.js

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Cron Jobs are made to make our life easier and detach us from running tasks at certain times.

Let’s dive in

Node.js Libraries that support Cron Jobs are cron and node-cron.

Node Cron

  1. Less popular than cron
  2. Simple usage
  3. Fewer options
  4. No control over the…

Learn how to build a flush messages middleware system with node.js and express.js from scratch

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In this story, we’ll learn how to build a flush message middleware from scratch with node.js and express.js.

But what is flush messages?

Flush messages are small messages with information that inform the user-client about various cases, such as unsuccessful login, invalid input on a form field etc …


A detailed story to learn, write and execute regular expressions easily

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1. Introduction

Regular expressions are a topic that confuses and struggles a lot of developers due to its crypt syntax.

A regular expression is a string that contains a search pattern (ex. \[0–9]{2}\ this pattern accepts a 2 digit number), and we use it to find those patterns into texts.

2. How to Create a RegExp

In javascript…

Stack is one of the most important data structures in programming, but how can we implement a stack in javascript? Let’s dig in.

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The stack is a fundamental abstract data structure for computer science that serves a collection of elements with the LIFO method and two main operations:

  • push (add…

How to validate our data before saving it into MongoDB with mongoose library

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Hello, my dev friends !!!!

Creating functions and procedures to save data into databases is an everyday task for software developers, but how we are sure about the actual stored data has the form that we want ???

Saving clean and proper formatted data increases the overall data quality plus…

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